Can I join the club at any time?
Yes, but the annual fee remains the same, regardless of when you join.

I am not a strong swimmer, what should I do?

The Fitswim sessions at the Canada Games Aquatic Centre have lanes devoted to the ability of the swimmer. There are always weak swimmers and strong swimmers and all levels are accommodated Come on out. We will find a lane for you.

I am not a strong cyclist, what should I do?
Indoor spin classes or stationary bikes are a great way to get in shape for spring and summer road cycling. But regardless of your level, there is a place for you. Group rides regularly regroup so that no riders are left behind.

I am not a strong runner, what should I do?
Group training sessions such as the UNBSJ track work are great to improve your running.

What is included in the membership fee?
Group workouts both in and out of season led by trained and experienced coaches, social events and FETC logo clothing.

Are the Canada Games Aquatic Centre Fitswims extra?  Can anyone join?
Yes, these swims are not included in your FETC membership.