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Recently we have had a few non-members, both family and friends, attend some of our workouts. The club executive and coaching staff as a group thinks this is great. We love our sport and want to introduce it to as many people as possible. However we do have some constraints imposed on us by our insurance policy so we think it is prudent to provide some rules regarding non-members at our events.

The first thing to mention is that FETC club members are insured by Tri NB at all club workouts at which there is a certified coach present. These are the events on our coaching calendar (Tuesday night track and Fitswims at the Aquatic Centre are not exclusively FETC workouts). The unofficial workouts we organize through facebook are not covered by the insurance policy even if a coach is present.

Guests are not covered by Tri NB insurance.

Our club constitution does not provide for a junior division so members must be at least 16 to join FETC.

The activities of FETC are primarily for club members but we encourage you to invite guests. These guests may include:

  1. People who are considering joining the Club and who would like to try it out.  Normally this would not exceed three workouts.
  2. People who are members of Triathlon NB, live in different cities but may be in our area for a short period of time.
  3. Family members (ie children) of our members may participate in age appropriate activities with the Club including participation in practices when appropriate as well as participation in FETC Families events and suitable social events.  Athletes under the age of 13 would only participate in FETC Families events and suitable social events.  In all cases, the coach of the particular activity makes the ultimate call on appropriateness. Please note that children will be considered guests and as such are NOT covered by Tri NB insurance. Also, parents or guardians are responsible at all times for their children while participating in FETC activities and are expected to be in attendance.

If there are any questions please ask one of the club executive.

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